Apple Cider

How to Ferment Apple Cider: Hard cider is a fun way to get drunk and still feel like you are being healthy.  First you need to pick your apple cider juice, preferrably fresh pressed with no preservatives.  If you buy your cider try to get it before it is pasteurized but if it is find out how it was done.

Similar to fermenting beer and wine, cider requires yeast and the suggested type is a wine yeast which makes sense both are fruits and you want to maintain that fruity flavor throughout the process.

Following the same steps as beer brewing you will ferment the cider in a bucket with the yeast converting the apple sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.  Similar to wine though when you are near the end of the fermentation process you can elect to let it continue in the bottles creating sparkling hard apple cider otherwise easier you can simply bottle it after fermenting and drink the wonder alcoholic hard apple cider.